A Few incomplete Thoughts on Ferguson and New York City

These past few weeks I’ve found myself on either side of the fence, depending on the amount of information given to the public by mainstream media. As I watched the news flip and flop from evidence to witnesses, I felt lost, and really out of touch with it all. I would even hope no one would tag me in any discourse regarding the matters. It’s not that i felt apathetic about it. After all when an officer stops me, for  whatever reason, I still get a feeling of being in a perilous situation. I felt inadequate, or out of place, opining in the conversation.

These last few days, though, have been different. The more I leaf through the two cases, and the more I read different conversations, I see that the issue isn’t just about black and white. The issues are manifold. I don’t think many of the commentators, or the media have taken into account all the gravity of what happened to Mike Brown, and Eric Garner. People are still asking questions, that have been left unanswered, and injustice seems to be ahead of the game.

I do not, by any means, claim to know the total gravity of the injustices that transpired in Ferguson and New York City. What I will say, though, is that we all should take a good look at these two altercations, and ask “was it just”. Was it just that an officer of the law used deadly force on an unarmed individual, surrendering? Was it just that a grand jury refused to indict the officer? Was it just for more than one officer to wrestle and unarmed Eric Garner to the floor while one officer had him in a condemned choke hold, causing him to die moments later? Was it just that a grand jury to refused to indict the officer?

The issues are deeper than just black and white. One issue is the dehumanization of a people group, namely the African American. Another issue, which i find very troubling, is the desensitization of the non African American public. We get desensitized to these injustices when  all we here and see ,from mainstream media, from within African American communities, is crime, and other negative aspects. The last issue, and maybe my most alarming one, is the apathetic attitude towards inner city African Americans.

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