Moving and the Gospel

      So, my family and I have been moving over the past week to our new apartment in the Mayfair section of North East Philly. We started off small with anything that fit into our car, and then over the weekend we rented a U-Haul van to moved the heavy stuff in. A couple of brothers from church helped make the transition effortless. Needless to say some of the transition hasn’t been easy. Moving can, at times, bring out the worse in us. There were times when I would sinfully react to being micromanaged, instead of keeping in mind the task a hand, serving. 
I realized a few things I think would be helpful for next time we move:

1. Before you move a chair, say a prayer

Praying for God to help your attitude, and time management is profitable.

2. Be Patient

Jesus showed us patience so we should also show patience

3. We need to be servants, not masters

We should strive to be humble and serve. Jesus the KING of everything came and served us!! Let that fact drive you to serve.

4. We need grace to move

We can’t successfully move from living in one place to another without God’s grace. He has more than enough to give.  

About mypentecostalreformation

Disciple of Jesus. Hobbiless big guy with a wife & Kid. Writing to encourage and maybe enlight the masses (all 5 of you)
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