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Is God an Egotistical Maniac? – “Many would say that God’s sole purpose, intent, and motivation for creating humanity and all of creation was for His own self-glorification. If you were to ask this question to God: “God, why did you create us?” His answer, without hesitation, would be, “Easy, to glorify myself.”

The Illusion of a Gentleman God” by Robert Berecker is a piece written in response to the conception of God being a gentleman. I was definitely challenged by the content.

How To Move From Wanting To Pray To Actually Praying By Tim Kerr: I think most Christians want to pray. They want to pray more than they actually do. That longing is holy. Such longings count with God. But only for so long. Fresh bread is great out of the oven but grows moldy pretty quickly if not eaten. Its meant to be eaten, not watched, smelled and “longed for”

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Disciple of Jesus. Hobbiless big guy with a wife & Kid. Writing to encourage and maybe enlight the masses (all 5 of you)
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