How Holy are the Holidays?

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years day, are all days we consider as part of “the holidays”. As a kid I would count the days ’till thanksgiving. Waking up early and smelling the turkey and all the seasonings along with it. Waiting patiently for my mom to come over with my other brothers and sister, so that we can finally chow down. The look on my grandfather’s face when he saw all the food on my plate and him saying jokingly “You’re going to get fat”. The feeling of stretching my stomach to the max, I couldn’t know my limit. All this made for very fond memories, but we never actually talked about what we were thankful for.

Christmas was the next holiday to be enjoyed. This day had a major count down, to when Santa came to bring me gifts. I had gotten honor roll all school year-long, and I wanted my rewards. As the days drew near to the big day, presents appeared under our Faux Christmas tree. I’d inquire as to why were there presents under the tree before Christmas. The answer seemed satisfactory at the time, “They’re empty, and Santa comes and fills them up on Christmas”. The day came, and my family and I would gather and make a mess with all the wrapping, and plastic. In the midst of all this celebrating, and gift opening, the greatest gift of all was missing.

The holidays culminate with New Year’s Eve. On New Years Eve, as a child, my family would have a party at my uncle’s house, or at another relative’s house. The purpose of these gatherings were to be around family while we wait for the new year. New Year’s Eve represents survival, new starts, clean slates, perseverance, and gym memberships. Colorful and exciting celebrations all over the world on this night, waiting for their new start, while neglecting the one who gives THE new and better start.

The Turkey’s Cooked

This Thanksgiving thank God. God put the roof over your heard, and that deliciously cooked turkey on your table. He’s sent His only begotten son Jesus to die on your behalf, Which is the ultimate reason for being thankful. Here’s some reasons to be thankful for Jesus:

Santa’s days are numbered

On Christmas, remember that the greatest gift given was Jesus. This year read some of the prophesies about coming, and the birth of Jesus. Encourage each other to look back at the birth of Jesus, and reflect on the love the father has for His people, sending His only son to suffer in their place. He’s come, and has saved us.

Let Nicodemus tell you

This New Year make it about Jesus, who gives us new life. Reflect on how he’s changed you over the years, months, or days. Focus on the fact that in Him you find strength, in Him you survive and persevere until the end. And look forward with anticipation that day when we will be with God enjoying Him in our glorified bodies, with no pain, no sin, no death. That’s a real, better “New Year”, and it lasts forever!

This year makes the holidays about Jesus, and His work. Thinking about how great He is, and how He gave His life in our place. Remembering where you were and How Jesus saved you from God the Father’s wrath. Use these days to tell coworkers, and neighbors about Jesus, and His work. Serve your community in some way this year, even in prayer (Prayer is a way of serving as well). Happy HOLY-days everyone.   

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Disciple of Jesus. Hobbiless big guy with a wife & Kid. Writing to encourage and maybe enlight the masses (all 5 of you)
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