Have we stopped our ears?

In the Acts 7 Stephen reasons with the high priests, and the Jewish people, answering their question “Are these things so?”.  Stephen reminds them of their history beginning from Abraham and ending with proving to them how similar they were to the Hebrews who came before them and their stiff-necked rebellious ways. Yet showing them God’s definite plan of redemption of His people and the world.

The Bible says that the Jews “stopped their ears”,  the word “stopped”  in the Greek means to press together with the hands. The Jews couldn’t bear listening to this, because it was offensive. Stephen had shed light on their sin, and they killed him for doing so. They were determined to uphold their tradition over God’s revealed truth.

Reading this portion of scripture made me wonder “Where have I stopped my ears in light of God’s word?”. Where have I refused to to listen, because of the offense brought on by the revealing of my sins? Where have I chosen to uphold my traditions over God’s revealed truth? What can i do from here?

As a believer in Jesus I know that in Him there is no condemnation (Romans 8:1). I also know that if I confess my sins to God I will be forgiven, and cleansed of all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). God’s word will always show us our sin, and remind us of our Savior. Read, reflect, confess, live to the glory of God.

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2 Responses to Have we stopped our ears?

  1. I remember listening to a sermon sometime ago and the preacher made the remarks “the most difficult mind to change is the religious one”. This has always been the truth and will continue to be. The religious establishment will do all it can to protect the status quo, but as a christian this should not be the case. The Christian should always be ready to open their minds to radical thinking in order to follow the word of GOD. The lord Jesus himself is an example of how we should not just go along with the popular thinking of the day but rather continuosly be re-examining ourselves

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