Being Lax in the Midst of War

American Christianity has been in a war of identity for a good part of the half century.  Seems like there is no place to draw a line between God’s people and the culture surrounding them.  As congregations around the country make an attempt to be more socially relevant, I can’t help but notice the amount of compromise some are willing to pay as a price.  I could easily say it’s the teaching in these churches, or met

Gospel Graffiti II

Gospel Graffiti II (Photo credit: Peat Bakke)

hodology in (regards to evangelism) of these churches, but I will resolve to simply blame the compromise on sin.

This week for the first time I listened to a song on a radio station where the artist is blatantly blaspheming God by saying “Bottle after bottle, drink until I overdose
Pull up in the Phantom watch them b*%^%es catch the holy ghost”.  When I heard this I automatically thought to myself “What is it about this man pulling up in a Phantom that would make anybody be filled with the Holy Ghost?”.  Then Last night I saw a video of a pastor from Philadelphia go on a local radio show, to demand a boycott against the artist, and this song.  He wasn’t treated fairly for one, and he also misrepresented himself in saying a few questionable things in regard with trying to contact the artist personally.  The guest pastor began to express his concerns about the song’s content, and was met with opposition immediately, by the artist, and the radio show host.

Needless to say it didn’t look good for the pastor.  He kept asking the artist to recant, and repent from His sins and turn to our Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins.  He was stopped by the artist and verbally assaulted.  The artist just attempted to justify himself as a “good” person who talks about things that happen everyday.  Yet that line of reasoning should never get a free pass.

After I saw this interview I started to ask myself the question “Should I also take the same stand, or should I let it live?” Which brings me to the subject at hand, are we, as Christians, being lax in the midst of war? Have we compromised our message so much that we aren’t able to confront an issue, like this one, when it arises?  Have we sabotaged the message of the salvation of God’s people, with our longing to fit in our social landscapes?  I believe the answer is yes, but I likewise believe that God can still use us in the midst of the turmoil.

3 things we as believers should always remember.

  1. We must remember, and lean on the fact that Jesus died for the sin of compromise.  When we catch ourselves slipping and falling, know that like Peter, Jesus will pick us up and not let us drown in the sea of sin.  The point is to keep moving forward in Christ, and keep our gaze on the Savior.  So many times we mess up, compromise, and never even think of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.
  2. . When you think deeply about the cross by which our sin was atoned on, understand that IT REALLY HAPPENED.  Jesus the sovereign ruler of the everything came from His glorious throne in heaven to dwell with us, lived a perfect life of perfect obedience to God’s law, died in your place to satisfy our Holy God‘s righteous wrath, therefore giving you (the believer in Jesus) His righteousness. It really happened. Thank God He conquered sin and death at the resurrection!! At times we assume the central event of the Gospel as common knowledge, but oh how great a knowledge when you actually know it happened!
  3.  As a result of meditating on the reality of the life, death and resurrection, of our Lord Jesus, we should by the power of the Holy Spirit want to lovingly engage people with the gospel.  Whenever you have the chance to speak about our lord, take it. If anyone openly blasphemes our King, address it, always keeping in mind that we must proclaim the Gospel in love, not win a trivial argument.

God is awesome, and still at work in His people.  How does he put up with us, a bunch of mess-ups? All I can say is He loves us unconditionally, and will always bring us back to His cross, by one means or another. Which is why I am confident that being lax in the midst of a war will not stop God.  I know that He is not only igniting a fire in His people, but He’s also exposing the wickedness of the world against Him.  Let’s go and share His Gospel with the blasphemers of our society, and pray for God to bring the increase.

Grace and Peace to you all

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