A New Start

God has His way of doing things, and I now all that He does is good.  With this thought in mind I embark onto a new journey.  A journey away from the family I’ve left behind in pursuit of Him who called me.  Well, at least that’s how I feel. These Past two months have been long, hard, and draining.  here’s a recap of it all, good and bad.

The man that has raised me from the time I was born, left to be with our King.  He had been on the winning end of a fight with lung cancer, and alongside of us all in a war with life in this world.  He fought through various operations, and respiratory difficulties. Lastly, during the end of his time with us he struggled greatly with his physical strength, which was most difficult to watch, since this was my hero growing up.  Nevertheless my grandfather,Jesus Nazario, kept his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and prayed whenever he could muster up enough strength to do so.  I am very confident in the fact that my grandfather heard our King Jesus Christ accept Him into His joy!

One glorious Sunday I attended a special church service, and there was a prophetess that came to visit this church.  She had always been commended and honored for spiritual gifts, I too have in the past.  This year was different though.  She completely blew me away with a teaching that was very far from what the Bible teaches.  So much so that I walked out of the service in tears, because I know the kind of false assurance this prosperity message can cause in an individuals heart.  I love God’s people, and it pained me to hear the “Amen‘s”, and seeing emotionalism caused by such vanity.   I was so unnerved by the message I’ve heard that I wrote about it.

After hearing this message accepted, and praised I no longer felt comfortable at any of the services.  I couldn’t help catching some flack for the remarks on my blog about the ordeal.  Though, looking back, I could have handled myself with a little more self control and love. I don’t regret what came from the situation.  I grew from it, thanks to some good  godly counsel, and rebuke from my pastor at the time.

I eventually left the church I was attending, not because of that one unfortunate, yet enlightening service, but because I need more challenging teaching. My time there had run it’s course.  I wrote my pastor to let him know I wasn’t going to attend the church anymore, and to pray for God to lead me into the place He’s ordained for me to be.  I still find myself looking back, and knowing I could have went about things in a better way.  I didn’t talk to any of my very close friends about me leaving. I do regret that.

I close with this. I love the people I use to worship with, and I will always have them be a part of my life. the Body of Christ has many many parts, just as our body has many parts.  I would never disassociate myself from any Jesus loving church, even if the secondary doctrines are different then that which I love, and believe.  I move on to the next season in the life God has ordained for me, and in His grace I know I can rest assured of the success Jesus has promised.

I now ask you the question.  Do you have a new start?  Your new start doesn’t have to be as radical as mine, but it’s there nonetheless.  Your new start could be reading the scriptures more, praying more frequently, or forgiving more graciously.  Your new start could, and might even be to start trusting in Jesus and not in man.  We’ve all fallen short of God’s demands, and He demands perfection.  We could never satisfy that demand, but JESUS did.  He fulfilled the demands, died on the cross, so that all who believe in Him will not perish in the sins, but have ever lasting life. He lived perfectly, died in the place of sinners, and rose to conquer death. Believe in Him and turn from your sins, get a new start. Grace and peace to you all

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2 Responses to A New Start

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  2. Ariel Matos says:


    I totally understand what you’re going through with regards to your church. I’ve been there and struggled with the reality that, at times, we outgrow our place of worship. There’s nothing wrong that; there’s something wrong if we choose to stay in a place where we become comfortable and not challenged to grow or contribute. So, I commend your strength and desire to continue growing. Although it may feel like it, you’re never alone and your old church doesn’t (shouldn’t) treat you like a villain. Just think of it as you passed from high school onto college.

    Much love for you bro. Be encouraged in His sovereignity and love.

    Ariel Matos

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