A Walk to Calvary

Crucifixion Jesus Christ Mormon

Crucifixion Jesus Christ Mormon (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

I cryed to my father to let the cup pass

As drops of blood like sweat covered my face fast

Not a moment sooner the soldiers came to get me

Led by judas who sealed his sentence when he kissed me

Ironic aint it i came to set the captives free

But first i had to be subject to a captivity

They blindfolded me, punched me in my grill

Told me to prophesy, but i maintained my father’s will

They spit in my face, and repeated the routine

Total disregard for the holy Nazarene

Took me to see the governor, to see if I’m a threat

Then a murderer got let free… Forshadowing the debt

Crucify him… Crucify him… Part of our plan before i was born

More irony they give the king of all a dirty crown of thorns…

The soldiers bowed down before me, in sarcastic scorn

They gave me a robe and beat on the head

But i still looked foward at the joy that was ahead

Dying for my sheep, to take their sins away

Along with peace that’ll keep you still every single day

Back to my walk, that’ll reconnect you to my father

They beat me till i was bloody like the filthy rags u work for

I dont think you understand the situation

I did this even for the guy convicted of muder and child molestation

I got beat to the point of death

Then i had to carry the crossbar on my back

For me to be strong when you are weak

I had to be weak first and collapse to my knees

They nailed my mangled body to the cross

And died on it to redeem youas the lost

So all worries, bring them where i died at

I won’t give you a lighter CROSS, But a stronger back

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Disciple of Jesus. Hobbiless big guy with a wife & Kid. Writing to encourage and maybe enlight the masses (all 5 of you)
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