An Illustration to Share with Non-Believing Friends

A Man walks into court, handcuffed and shackled. He’s been in lock up all weekend long. The man was arrested for petty theft. He stands alone, no lawyer, no public defendant, and the judge is ready to throw the book at him. All the evidence is against him, and every possible witness made it to the hearing.  The judge declares Him guilty and sentences him to death.  The man, perplexed, screams out, “DEATH….DEATH… I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t rape anyone…how could you give me DEATH?” He didn’t understand that in the court of absolutes God is the judge, and there is no weight between crimes committed.

With the tragedy unfolding above, I want to establish the recognition of two types of people in our world.  The first type of person is a self loving, egotistic, proud liar.  The second type of person is a self loving, egotistic, proud liar that refuses to lose.  The second type will fight to the death to prove a point, and is willing to hold on to his self righteous life of a non murderer, and non rapist, to justify his thieving ways. The first is the same way, but at learning of his offenses will not resist crying out for a public defendant.

The Judge stops the defendant from saying any other words. He then suggests that the criminal use the public defendant.  The man says “no” because he’s not as guilty as the Judge says.  The Judge explains to the hard headed offender that this public defendant has never ever lost a case, and it’s a guaranteed “not guilty” verdict. Unfortunately, this particular delinquent is the second type of man listed above, and will attempt to rebut his crime, and also will refuse to be represented. He remains guilty

Will you be like the first type of person, crying out for the undefeated public defendant, or will you be like the second type of person, always trying to win the argument by justifying their actions?? Jesus is exactly like the undefeated public defender.  He died for sinners, and if anyone believes on Jesus Christ to be their Lord, Savior and King, they will be saved guaranteed! Those that reject the grace provided by faith in Jesus Christ condemn themselves, because they believe that they’re good enough to make it without him. I hope, that by you reading this short story, God turns your hard heart into a soft one willing to accept him as Savior of your life

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