A Little About Me

     I read blogs all the time.  religious blogs, tech blogs, music blogs, and video blogs.  I’ve seen them all.  All sorts of background, all sorts of pictures, and all sorts of layouts.  They all have one thing in common, as does this one.  They all want to get certain points across.  Allow me to introduce you to a blogger unlike any other… Me…Hello World

     I’m from Trenton NJ (Oh how exciting).  I’m literally stuck between Philadelphia and New York City. I’m an American of  Rican Descent, and oh yea I can’t spell gud.  I didn’t have a hard child hood, or a crazy step father, well at least I don’t think he’s crazy…Never mind, he’s a little unstable.  I am accompanied by my mom, two brothers, sister and grandparents.  This is like my cast.  I also have my church family, who are a mess altogether.  I can’t forget about my coworkers especially my cousin Rita.

     I’d like to think of myself as a fairly loving person.  I have a girlfriend who i intend to marry the heck out of.  She know’s how special she is to me. I’m also a hard-nosed Christian, Pentecostal to be exact (as far as denomination).  Here’s the rub, I’m also a Calvinist.  If you know anything about modern Christianity it’s that Pentecostal’s and other charismatic parts of Christianity are like the super hero good guys of American Christianity.  While Calvinists are the more grumpy less happy looking bad guys of Christianity.  The last two statements have come from life experience, so don’t bite myfrigging head off.

     I named my domain My Pentecostal Reformation, because I want to show my Pentecostal friends that Calvinism  makes sense, and we’re not all sad, grumpy and competitive.  I also want my Calvinist friends to understand why I am still in a Pentecostal church despite the segregation in secondary doctrine.  This is my Pentecostal Reformation. I’m glad you could rock with me a little.

Josue Garcia

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About mypentecostalreformation

Disciple of Jesus. Hobbiless big guy with a wife & Kid. Writing to encourage and maybe enlight the masses (all 5 of you)
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3 Responses to A Little About Me

  1. Paul says:

    The Lord bless you my friend

  2. Drew says:

    I’m excited about the synthesis of charismatic Christianity and Calvinistic Christianity. I love the Sovereign Grace movement and all that CJ Mahaney and those guys are doing.

  3. Congratulations on starting your blog! Although I’m not a Calvinist, I like what I’ve read so far: the honesty, the passion, the focus on Christ. I can buy into that.

    Peace and grace to you in your endeavours!

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