Double 0 Christian

An epidemic has been plaguing Christianity since the days our Lord Jesus walked the earth, A cancer that is growing from within our body.  Believers know this dilemma is real, yet refuse to address it, and unbelievers have a hard time believing our witness due to it. I pray that God would open the eyes of the many who struggle with the subject of this short essay. I pray for God’s grace in writing this.

            There are a few people in the bible that I will point out. Each of the people have things in common, and differ in other ways. Peter is one of the people I’m going to be using to compare Christians with. Judas of Iscariot is another man I’m using to expose our flaws.  Lastly I will use the judge to Israel, Samson, to exemplify some of our habits.

A lot of us live double lives.  We are the well dressed and well spoken Christian at all the church functions, yet seem to be completely unregenerate (unchanged by God’s grace) everywhere else.  People talk negatively about our Lord, and some of us act like we weren’t bought by His blood. This was Peter’s problem.  Peter not only denied Jesus amid seeing the evidence of his miracles (Matthew 26:74, Mark 14:73, Luke 22:60, John 18:27), but He also became a hypocrite, eating with the gentiles only while the Jews from Jerusalem weren’t around (Galatians 2:11-12).

            We also have a comfort problem.  We run to the arms of the opposite sex for the comfort and affirmation we long for. No one knows about this ego stroking affair, because of the pending consequences.  We’ll have a friend with benefits, a person on the side, or an all out disregard for testimony. This condition doesn’t have any ministerial boundaries.  A regular churchgoer as well as a pastor can be targeted by this condition. Samson had this very problem. He was separated for the work of the Lord (Judges 13:4-5), yet Samson was covering up his tracks (Judges 14:9), married foreign women (Judges 14:2), and that was his downfall, choosing the opposite sex before God.
            I saved the best for last. Some of us come to church, we hear the Word of God, and never get changed. Some people can work in the ministry without one slab of fruit showing, just the talk of fruit.  These people look the part, and talk the walk. They are the Judas’s of our churches.  They are the backbiters, the gossipers, the thieves, the ones that’ll have no quarrels with throwing the next guy under the bus.  They look pious, but “look” and “are” are two different things.
            Now that we’ve identified with these characteristics, and know that some of us are dealing with anyone if not all of these problems, we should analyze ourselves. Make sure, firstly, if we have real faith in Jesus Christ, or are we God’s grandchildren (our parents are saved, so we are saved). Are we living a double life? If so; how can we get off of that path?
            Jesus died on the cross for dilemmas such as all of these. He knew Judas wouldn’t believe in Him. Jesus says that anyone who believes in Him has eternal life, and Judas unfortunately was the only unbeliever in Jesus’ circle (John 17:12).  Jesus knew Peter would betray Him.  Jesus even told Peter that satan has asked to sift him as wheat, but Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith wouldn’t fail (Luke 22:31). Samson got himself together, and fulfilled his purpose, even if it meant his life (Judges 16:28-30).
            You’re reading this, and if any of the characteristics above describe you, or if you KNOW that you’re living a double life, it isn’t to late to call upon the Lord for forgiveness.  He will forgive you, and He will restore you.  He is an awesome Lord indeed
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